Main research topics of Alessandro Longheu

My research interests include:
  • information modeling and retrieval
  • workflow management
  • e-learning
  • trust and reputation
  • healthcare systems
  • complex networks
  • NLP and sentiment analysis
  • spreading models
  • online social networks
From 1997 to 2020 I was involved in more than 18 research projects (DSS-DROUGHT, OSIRID, SMIT, SMARTHEALTH).

Since 2002 I supervised several BS and MS thesis at the University of Catania and at the University Kore of Enna.
Since 2003 I joined several conferences, schools and workshops as a PC member or Organizing Committee member (ETFA, TAKMA, SPEL, IDC, SITIS, Complenet, WSCE, Complex Networks, ISI&CDN 2018, DSIoT 2019).

Since 2006 I cooperated as peer reviewer in International Journals (IEEE TAKMA, Springer CSON, Elsevier ISFI, Elsevier ESWA).

During my research activities, I authored/co-authored more than 100 scientific papers in refereed Journals and conferences (see "Publications" item in the main menu).