Giacomo Morabito

Associate Professor

Dipartimento di Ingegneria Elettrica Elettronica e Informatica
University of Catania
V.le A. Doria, 6 - 95125 Catania (Italy)
Tel.: + 39 095 7382355
Fax.: + 39 095 7382397

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Recent research results and papers

  1. A. C. Anadiotis, L. Galluccio, S. Milardo, G. Morabito, and S. Palazzo. Towards a Software-Defined Network Operating System for the IoT. IEEE World Forum on the Internet of Things. To appear.
  2. A. C. Anadiotis, G. Morabito, and S. Palazzo. An SDN-assisted Framework for Optimal Deployment of MapReduce Functions in WSN. IEEE/ACM Transactions on Mobile Computing. To appear.
  3. L. Donvito, L. Galluccio, A. Lombardo, and G. Morabito. &mu-NET: a network for molecular biology applications in microfluidic chips. IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking. To appear.
  4. C. Buratti, A. Stajkic, G. Gardasevic, S. Milardo, M. D. Abrignani, S. Mijovic, G. Morabito, and R. Verdone. Testing Protocols for the Internet of Things on the EuWIn Platform. IEEE Internet of Things Journal. To appear.
  5. L. Galluccio, S. Milardo, G. Morabito, and S. Palazzo. SDN-WISE: Design, prototyping and experimentation of a stateful SDN solution for WIreless NEtworks. Proc. of IEEE Infocom 2015. April 2015.


  • April 28, 2015: The SDN-WISE web site is on-line.