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  Diego Reforgiato
Titolare Assegno di Ricerca

E-Mail diego.reforgiato@unica.it  Tel. 070-6758537
Indirizzo Universià di Cagliari
Dipartimento di Matematica e Informatica

  Note Biografiche

Diego Reforgiato Recupero is an Associate Professor at the University of Cagliari. He is a programmer, software developer, automation and ICT expert. He holds a double bachelor from the University of Catania in computer science and a doctoral degree from the Department of Computer Science of University of Naples Federico II. In 2005 he was awarded a 3 year Post Doc fellowship with the University of Maryland where he won the Computer World Horizon Award in the USA for the best research project on OASYS, an opinion analysis system that was commercialized by SentiMetrix. In 2008, he won a Marie Curie International Grant to fund a 3 year Post Doc fellowship with the Department of Electrical, Electronic, and Computer Science Engineering (DIEEI) at the University of Catania where he won the “Best Researcher Award 2012” at the University of Catania for a project about the development of a green router nearing commercialization. In the same year he got to the winning podium of the “Startup Weekend” event held in Catania and was a winner of Telecom Italia Working Capital Award with the project “Green Home Gateway”. His industrial and consulting experiences include work for Nokia, NeoDataGroup, SentiMetrix Inc., and LightComm. He served on the board of directors for SentiMetrix. He is a patent co-owner in the field of data mining and sentiment analysis (20100023311). He has research experience across a wide array of industrial and FP7 research projects most recently in the fields of p2p video streaming and energy saving in telecommunication networks. He is a co-founder of R2M Solution (ITA and UK branches) which has already won 13 EU research projects.

Please visit http://people.unica.it/diegoreforgiato/ for more information

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